Solution for outdoor and indoor pools:

stainless-steel pools

For several decades now, stainless steel has proved itself as a first-class construction material for swimming pools. Whether for indoor or outdoor pools, for retrofitting or for new construction: stainless steel is almost always the congenial material. Although our company pioneered its use in Austria and Germany, stainless steel is gaining in importance abroad, as well.
The reasons are self-evident.


Application options for stainless-steel pools:

  • Pool construction
  • Pool retrofitting
  • Pool conversion
  • Pool upgrading for enhanced attractiveness

The material has significant advantages compared to conventional materials, such as:

  • no elaborate on-site preparatory work necessary
  • high pre-fabrication level from the supplier’s side
  • short on-site assembly times
  • assembly possible in cold-season
  • pure-water distribution system using inlet channels with detachable lids
  • hermetically heat-sealed pools consisting of uniform material
  • allowing for a large variety of accessory attractions
  • easy installation of subsequent additions
  • stainless steel is a sanitary, easy-to-clean material
  • low-cost service and maintenance
  • no thermal expansion strain
  • no frost damage problems
  • decades-long technical life expectancy if expertly installed and duly maintained
  • stainless-steel pools constitute a holistic system, unlike all other types of swimming-pool construction


Unlike the combination with tiles or PVC, with the holistic use of stainless steel only, there is a guarantee of 100 percent leakage prevention and an outstanding durability for decades.