Tropical Islands, Berlin, Germany

We built the world’s largest stainless-steel pool.

A South Pacific Dream in the middle of Germany - Tropical Islands in Krausnick near Berlin
In the world’s largest self-supporting hangar, where once the CargoLifter was to be built, a tourist attraction was created on 66.000 square meters, with splendid weather guaranteed at all times, and  with extraordinary attractions to boot. At constant temperatures of 25° - 28° C, visitors can immerse themselves into a tropical world, lush with exotic orchids and palm trees.

First construction stage, 2004
Generously outlaid islands for stages shows Tropical Lagoon: 1.200 square meters of water surface area Underwater benches, hydromassages, whirlpools, geysers, massage grotto, jet stream channels, secure outlets for water slides. All pools were mounted from scratch to finish in just 5 months.

Second construction stage, 2006
The water surface of Tropical Sea was downsized to make room for a children’s pool area and for more “beach space with

Third construction stage, 2015/16
Tropical Islands expands into the outdoors and connects the tropical world with the Spreewald natural reserve.

Included in this expansion is the addition of an all-year open-air pool and a summer pool with manifold attractions: lazy river, jet stream channel, hydromassages, swings, massage grotto, wide water slides, and much more.