Zeller Bäderbau
Zeller Bäderbau

Our headquarters and production plant in Heidenheim, Germany

A while ago we commissioned the Heidenheim-based building design company Wolf-Planung to draw up a blueprint for the enlargement of our headquarters in Heidenheim. They came up with a development scheme of which we have already implemented the first construction stage. For us, this represents a big step forward in the right direction. By allocating the newly added floor space most effectively, we will optimize work flows, facilitate processes and enhance our quality management. Weather-protected storage, extended production spaces and the storing of finished parts indoors are contributing in a major way to this improvement. A brand-new, modern office building is providing ample space for all of our administrative units and staff. This represents a further consolidation of our project “ZELLER bäderbau – Stark in die Zukunft”.... (“powerful into the future”).

By way of our spatial expansion we are making a clear commitment to Germany as our manufacturing base. We are in the process of widening our horizon and opening up new markets but will continue doing all our manufacturing in Heidenheim. Nowhere else would we find a comparably professional environment for safeguarding our quality standards.

The conversion of construction processes to 3D has been met with enthusiasm by our customers. This new dimension will not only benefit our architects and planners in their design work but will also facilitate and improve the visual  resentation of our “worksin-progress”. This represents an inestimable advantage especially when it comes to designing and accomplishing municipal water parks and public swimming pools.

At a time when some see fit to reduce or cut back, we are preparing for a strong future in the market for stainless steel swimming pools. Nothing less than our complete package, consisting of vision, zeal, team spirit, experience and assured quality, has taken us this far, and our success to date is our impetus for future challenges and new projects.

Cordially yours
The Lassnig Family